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ORCA offers a comprehensive service that is both efficient and cost effective, for any area of your development project which requires archaeological input. This service is irrespective of the size, nature or complexity of the project, be it the excavation of single house plot or a major commercial development.

ORCA is building capacity in marine and environmental archaeology with the appointment of further specialist staff to undertake commercial and applied research in marine archaeology.  This is a growing field relating to the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 and is further evidence of Orkney's role as a leader in all stages of renewables development.

The staff of ORCA has years of experience in all types of archaeological work throughout Britain, and the Highlands and Islands in particular. All team members are suitably qualified professional archaeologists and have considerable experience enabling us to deal with all aspects of archaeological work, tailoring it to meet your needs.

We value highly the maintenance of good communications and liaison with clients throughout each project, and our reputation for integrity and trust.

Quality Assurance: ORCA is a Registered Organisation of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA).  For more information about CIfA see their website.

Located in one of the most archaeologically significant parts of the United Kingdom, ORCA is housed within the University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute.  ORCA through the Archaeology Institute supports local, regional and global communities to explore and promote their heritage and development through our expertise in consultancy and research with projects ranging from Orkney to Scotland to Easter Island, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

The Institute is based in Orkney College UHI, an Academic Partner of the University of the Highlands and Islands, an educational institution offering a range of courses from HNC to postgraduate, and research opportunities throughout the Highlands and Islands.

Please e-mail Nick Card or telephone 01856569342 to discuss your requirements and see how ORCA can assist your development.

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